We are working hard to move our events online and are pleased to present the events below over the Zoom video platform,
whilst our face-to-face events are suspended. Our events are now bookable online.

Our free monthly Networking Meetings have moved online successfully.

Details or all of our events are given here and members will be kept updated by email.

Please check here for updates as we add new and rescheduled workshops.

We look forward to being able to see you all in person again when it is safe to do so.

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Networking Meeting


Our monthly members’ Networking Meetings continue to be successful and popular. This is a chance to meet up online with a group of fellow practitioners and talk about our experiences in a more social, informal atmosphere than is usually possible at our workshop events.


COVID in the Consulting Room – Trauma and Recovery with Einar Jenssen & Sue Cowan-Jenssen


This is an online event on the Zoom platform, to buy tickets click here. In this workshop, Einar Jenssen & Sue Cowan-Jenssen will explore Definition and understanding of trauma Trauma and the defence system (polyvagal theory) Trauma and Attachment Importance of attunement and empathy in the healing of trauma and will also include vignettes from […]

£25 – £35

Dropping The Disorder! – Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis with Jo Watson


Dee will look at: What money means to us, what it means in the counselling room. Links to self-esteem / am I good enough? Working in an agency, private practice and ‘free at the point of access counselling’. How do these different scenarios affect the therapeutic relationship? Money and couples and families and linking this to the Money Box programmes and what that short term focus on one practical element felt like.

£25 – £35

Towards an Ecopsychotherapy with Mary-Jayne Rust


This is an online event on the Zoom platform, to buy tickets click here. Psychotherapy is known for its focus on trauma and healing within human relationships; yet when we listen carefully we will hear stories of deep love and loss in our relationships with the earth - and of our continuing struggle to come […]

£25 – £35